Oh, Lu La-La Roe!

Oh, Lu La-La Roe!


Did not mean to take so long between posts! Came across a *rare* opportunity to get some extra time with my boyfriend. Won’t go into it now but when I say rare, I mean rare. Long story short, I get three whole months of him to myself a year. When it comes to seeing him, I do everything in my power to find a way to get us together. That was last week! Hooray!


With that in mind, finding a job that is willing to work with his break schedule is difficult. I have been lucky enough to find one employer who understood and worked with me and it was a blessing. However, I know enough to know that was a very rare job. I stated in my previous post that I was thinking of opening my own small business. It seems to be the only option that will allow me to work my booty off for three months, then when he’s home, work at a slower pace or be able to stop and go on an adventure without having to beg for time off or scramble to switch schedules. My original idea started with wine bottle candles (even purchased a glass cutter!) and homemade soap, then add in laundry balls, soaps, other wine projects, etc. Pretty much whatever it is I create to make my home life easier/cheaper, I’d try and share with everyone else. But as all things go, it takes money to make money and I currently don’t have much. I’m price checking on many, many websites on their selections of fragrance/essential oils, Lye, bulk oils and butters. I’m pretty sure that I have an entire Pinterest board full of DIY soap molds but I need to purchase the additional items – you get the point. Plus that is one saturated market! Catch-22, the story of my life. I need to go another route.

This, finally, brings me to my point… LuLaRoe! That’s right folks, I’ve been bitten by the bug. The leggings are like BUTTER, the rumors are true! I do not lie! My first three purchases have been a pair of OS leggings (That’s my lovely legs in the photo! ;D ), a leopard print Cassie skirt and a Randy T. I’m obsessed.. to put it lightly. I love that the prices are actually reasonable! The leggings are $25! They’re snug, they’re SO soft, they fit my long legs and I don’t have to worry about translucency! SCORE. They’re a great product for the money. Plus, they only print 1000 (don’t quote me) of each print and once they’re out, they’re out! Goodbye, product saturation! While semi-patiently waiting for Facebook Pop-Up parties to begin, I started to look at how many women were apart of these groups. Holy, crap. Everyone loves LuLaRoe! 1864_10206943556208528_5277211456716804199_n

The highest I had seen? A whopping, 8.3K! I couldn’t believe it, over 8,000 women were apart of this group. Ten minutes into the party and items had already been claimed and had 14 other comments of women claiming next, should the lucky purchaser change their mind or not pay their invoice. And this was a pop-up party that I was randomly added to, for a woman who is living in Michigan.  A few of the groups I have joined have members around 1.6K and 3.6K, not 8,000 but still really respectable numbers! Next thing I knew, I found myself on the LuLaRoe (LLR) website, asking for more information about becoming an consultant. They also have a map where you can look up consultants in your area. In my town, there’s two women near me. Down in Savannah, there’s approximately 10. This has not exploded down here like it has everywhere else, yet. The market has not been saturated down here at all. *ding*ding*ding* Talk about striking when the iron’s hot!

I used the map on the LLR website and located a woman in my area, found her group on Facebook and sent her a message. Don’t get me wrong, this is a pricey start up but it seems on average 3-4 months, women are paying it back 100%. According to a few YouTube video’s I’ve watched, within a month! A month! They also went on to say that they would be looking at receiving in pocket, profit, by their fourth month. I’ve received the paperwork from the woman I contacted, or should I say, potential sponsor! I’m going to read on that and talk things over with the boyfriend and see where things go! Hopefully I’ve found my answer! :)


New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Somebody pinch me!

I’ve finally done it – with the help of my loving boyfriend, of course – I’ve moved out of state! I’ve left the snowy, cold mitten and have set up shop down near warm and sunny Savannah, GA. Talk about some change! Everything (and everyone) moves so much slower down here. It’s a nice change of pace but still takes some adjusting.

Which is what brings me here! Unfortunately, the job market isn’t as bustling as I’d hoped, but I’m here and I am making the best of it. I am exploring my options as an Etsy shop owner. I’ll be posting the DIY projects that I am working on to keep followers updated on what to expect up in the shop. If it’s an idea for the house that I love or some recipe I’ve just tried, I’ll make sure to post a how-to for the projects and how the food turned out! I am a HUGE Pinterest freak, then again, who isn’t? It’s like the Target of the interweb. If it fails or turns out amazing, I’ll be sharing it either way. Plus share little insider posts about the things going on in my life.

I am still working on that shop name (taking suggestions!) but once that’s up and running, I’ll be sure to let everyone know.

Here’s to a new beginning!